Aqua Glycolic Toner


You know in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding how the dad uses Windex to cure everything? I do the same thing only my Windex is called Aqua Glycolic. If you know me, there’s a good chance you’ve heard me talk about Aqua Glycolic. I used it for over 10 years, it was the constant that never changed even when the rest of my products did. It’s an 11% glycolic solution toner used on a cotton pad after cleansing and if you love that absolute squeaky clean feeling this is for you.

It can clear up troubled skin in days, it helps chase away razor burn and it rid my face years ago of old acne scars. You find it only at pharmacies because it’s made by a pharmaceutical company called Merz and not a cosmetics giant. Most pharmacy’s carry it regularly, just ask them (if they don’t they’ll order it for you) and it’s only about $9. There’s a whole line of products including a Shampoo and Body Wash combo that’s great for a dry itchy scalp as well as a clarifier- I wonder what it would do for the floors?

Aqua Glycolic Toner


  1. Fantastic!! Thanks so much for all your product reviews…they are so informational. I recently switched to a glycolic toner because of your article and let me tell you my face has never appeared better! So thankyou – I found heaps of useful information about glycolic toners and hopefully it can help you too! Thanks again for the great blog!

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