The Environmental Working Group has a website that I can only describe as my Bible. Since the beauty industry is self regulating, there are ingredients popping up all over our everyday products that we really don’t even know are in there. Listed in the database are over 24,000 products, I found out recently that my toothpaste that I was using- a common brand that you probably use too- contained ingredients linked to cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity and general irritation to the eyes and lungs and on top of that tested on animals. Great.

The site is extremely informative and easy to understand and breaks down each product on whether or not it has ingredients that are harmful in 5 separate and important categories as well as if the company tests on animals.

I think it’s also a great tool for those who suffer with reactions from certain products so they can compare those products and see exactly what it is to stay far away from. I check it before every purchase to see exactly what I’m getting, starting with new toothpaste.

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