NARS Lip Laquer in Chelsea Girls


Reason #5783 to envy Angelina Jolie- her perfectly nude lips. Whether whirling around the world on an adopting spree or walking the red carpet with beautiful Brad, she always tends to stick with what works so well for her famous pout. A great nude lip works well with any woman if the shade is right. I have found over and over again on every skin tone that Nars Chelsea Girls is my absolute go to for a glossy nude lip.

The color is a difficult to achieve balance of not too pinky and definitely not too peach but can be coaxed either way with whatever lipstick or liner you layer underneath. The texture isn’t the standard tacky gloss your hair clings to either, it’s a grown up gloss that doesn’t bleed out, it stays put and looks beautiful. Although you’re probably not jet setting around the world fighting against social injustice in the perfect pair of Louboutin’s but at least your lips can epitomize shiny perfection.

NARS Lip Laquer in Chelsea Girls

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