Dermalogica Daily Microfollant

Sometimes I feel like the more products I try the more they’re all the same, I’ll try something brand new and swear I’ve used it 100 times before. The first time I used Dermalogica’s Daily Microfollant the concept was so new to me that I just didn’t get it. It comes in a plastic shaker filled with dry powder which you collect in hand and turn into a paste with a few drops of water to exfoliate. A great combination of rice bran, green tea and oatmeal soothes your skin (even those who are super sensitive) while gently lifting impurities and leaving your skin super bright and flawless under foundation.

At first I thought it was a hassle and wondered why the product didn’t just come as a paste, but after years of using it, I have the water formula down. I use less water on days I want a stiffer paste and more exfoliation, more water when I don’t and sometimes add it to my cleanser. I might never understand beauty anomalies like tattooed lip liner, but this nifty invention is pure genus.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

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