SpaRitual Nutri-Thick Nail Builder with Calcium


I love love love products that both work hard and have a conscience (no animal testing, no animal ingredients, eco-friendly packaging etc) which is why I was super excited to find SpaRitual. All of their products are vegan and even contain some organic elements- rare for polishes. But the truly exciting thing is that they’re free of toluene and DPB which has been banned in Europe due to it’s suspicions of causing birth defects unfortunately though it still remains in most US nail lacquers.

The range of colors are vast that take you through every season and there is a full line of really interesting products like the frankincense scented paraben free massage creme. My nails are longer, stronger and healthier without a peels or chip in sight. The shine lasts literally until I remove it and I’ve never had color or clear last so long.

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