Anastasia Five Piece Brow Kit


Most drivers license pictures aren’t anything you’d want to frame, however mine is even worse because I had what I refer to as ‘Alien Brows.’ I’ll try to describe them without uploading a photo because that’s so not going to happen; we’re talking thin, misshapen, and one is clearly higher than the other and has a sort of comma look to it. 2 years ago however, you couldn’t have told me there was a problem- I was a proud, long-time self waxer who waxed not only my brows but all of my friends brows as well. Maybe nobody said anything because we all looked like aliens??

Thank God I found out about Anastasia’s brow system. Everyone knows Anastasia is THE brow guru to the stars, but her Five Piece Brow Kit truly turns even the biggest brow novice into a confident brow ninja. It’s not just the fool-proof stencils that make it so easy, it’s the fact that there are 4 different brow stencils to ensure your natural shape looks best, not someone else’s interpretation of what your shape should be which is usually way too thin aka ‘Alien Brows.’ The kit also includes tweezers, brow gel, brow powder and a dual sided brush in a cute carrying case. Check out your drivers license, if you too suffer from Alien Brows- I have just the cure.


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