Andrea Modlash Strip Lash # 53


If you ever have the opportunity to sit in my chair, you will probably end up wearing an Andrea Modlash #53. The routine to get them on someone is always the same; I open the package, she tells me not to put them on her- that her natural lashes are fine, I insist, finally she asks where to buy the glue so she can re-use them over and over again.

They’re that good. Appropriate for all ages and eye shapes too. I order them 20 at a time on you can get them at most drugstores. Try them for an upcoming holiday or new years party, they’re especially good for an eye shadow novice who wants a dressier eye.

Andrea Modlash #53


  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Hi Mary,

    Usage just depends- you can probably get a few uses out of them, I’ve never re-used any personally.

    There is a ‘starter kit’ which comes with a glue that’s very good. It dries clear and holds well.

    The starter kit is around $5 and the lashes you can get for $3 or $4 on

    I’ve had a lot of luck getting straight lashes to curl with using a primer and the Shu lash curler before a curling formula mascara. Sometimes a little prep goes a long way. The primer acts as a styling gel of sorts to keep the curl.

    Thanks for reading!


  2. Mary Huynh says:

    I have just heard about these eyelashes and was searching google about them and your blog popped up with your “Andrea Modlash Strip Lash #53″ post. I have very straight eyelashes that do not curl so I’m very interested in trying these out. I do have a few questions about them if you don’t mind answering for me…
    (1) How many times can you reuse these lashes before having to buy a new pair?
    (2) What type of glue is good with these?
    (3) How much do these lashes usually cost?

    Thank you so much!

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