Stila Lip Rouge

I can’t imagine someone ever walking into Sephora and just buying a Stila Lip Rouge, it looks and feels like a felt tip pen and the name really doesn’t sell what’s inside either. This multi use lip stain is one of those genus-in-disguise products that i use all the time. It’s a perfect base for any color you put on your lips, I like the color Moue (uh- better, memorable names please Stila??) it’s the color of your lips but with a little kick.

You can put it under a sheer gloss so when the gloss wears off the color remains, you can also line and fill in your lips to wear under a lipstick instead of liner to give the lipstick more staying power, or my personal fav- just wear it alone with lip balm on top. It gives a unique look that can be both casual for day or super glam and it really does stay put. Next time you’re in Sephora, give these potent pens another look- you might just find your new favorite thing.

Stila Lip Rouge

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