Clarisonic Skin Care Brush System

Several weeks have passed giving me sufficient time with my Clarisonic, and my feelings are mixed. I like it for the same reason I like my Sonicare toothbrush, it forces me to use it for a specified amount of time thus making my teeth and face cleaner. Is it really the patented technology that propels your face into another dimension of cleanliness or is it the sheer fact that you have probably never washed your face for a minute straight before?

I felt like I got the same results with this tried and true brush for a fraction of the cost but then again maybe not? I know the science behind it is legitimate and it does leave my face feeling really clean, I can also tell a slight difference in how much better my foundation glides on- but maybe not a $200 difference.

Final verdict, this is a great buy for those willing to spend the money and the extra time in their routine but the cleanest thing of all might just be your wallet.


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