Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Applying eye shadow isn’t always a trip to the beach, that’s why it’s especially frustrating when it creases, wears off or changes color. Until a recent scouting trip to Sephora, I had given up on shadow primers altogether. I thought they were all a scam only adding to the problem, they were heavy, chalky and would often crease all on their own even before adding shadow.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance though is the real deal. This brand new silicone based formula is lightweight, colorless, and just the smallest amount does the trick. My powder shadow is more intense, and it gives my cream shadow something to really grab on to while still maintaining total blendability. Another trick I’ve discovered is adding a thin layer right under the lower lash then setting it with powder- your mascara won’t creep south leaving that familiar black ring beneath the eye.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

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