Best Cheek Colors

Cheek shades are often times over-looked and under used. I’ve witnessed too many women digging in their same makeup bags from high school to use the same cheek shades they used in high school. We aren’t using the right colors or formulas that will keep us looking healthy, vibrant and full of life even under the harshest office fluorescents. Cheek color is as important as mascara as far as an I-won’t leave-the-house-without-it attitude goes. Here are my favs.

When it comes to perfectly flushed cheeks, I think Stila Convertible Color is tops. They single handedly revolutionized the cream cheek color category by making the products so blendable and foolproof that everyone can wear them well. Try it in Peony for a perfect pinky-brown that’s great for both lips and cheeks.

For the bronzed goddess in all of us, try Cargo Bronzer in Medium Matte and leave the orange behind. This is one of the few bronzers that you can actually use on olive or tanned skin without looking muddy. Super fair? Get Light instead.

Benefit’s Dandelion was responsible for launching a thousand imitations. It’s a unique powder formula that isn’t chalky and doesn’t just sit on the skin, it melts into it giving you that perfectly flushed appearance and is appropriate for any skin type and shade.

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