M.A.C Cosmetics 219 Pencil Brush


It isn’t usually the drawers piled high full of cosmetics that throws women, it’s knowing what tools to use with each thing. I would rather do a full face of makeup with great brushes using drugstore lines than spongey tip applicators with artistry lines any day- and any artist would agree. Tools are key in getting the look you want. T

his 219 is a perfect applicator for a smokey eye and to defuse a darker color along the lash line- upper and lower. Translation- if you find that you’ve been too heavy handed with the liner or shadow, use this to smudge the color up and away from the lash line to create more of a color wash. If you feel a traditional eye liner look tends to look harsh on you, use this brush with your liner shades. It’s one of the more unique brushes I’ve come across and so worth the $23.

M.A.C Cosmetics 219 Pencil Brush

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