no!no! Hair Remover


I’ve had some time to really get a feel for the no!no! hair remover, and here’s the thing; it essentially uses a new technology to painlessly burn off the hair to remove it and also encourages it to not grow back over time, plus it works on every skin and hair shade. You will smell burned hair- which is the only drawback, and it really isn’t that bad. The truth is, it’s really a smart, innovative, easy to use little gadget that everyone should own. It comes with a short DVD that clearly explains how to use it properly (it’s easy) and then you’re ready to go.

I’ve used it not only on myself, but on all of my graciously willing friends who all loved it’s efficiency and ease of use. I’ve used it about twice a week now on my arms, it’s much easier than waxing or shaving and just takes minutes before hopping in the shower and I can tell the re-growth is much slower. It’s not going to give you that 100% hairless experience like shaving or waxing does, but you’ll find that it does get rid of the bulk of the hair in such an easy way that it really doesn’t matter. I’ve used it on under arms (it works on stubble so you don’t have to grow it out), backs, legs and arms and it performs every time.

The cost for the no!no! is $250 and well worth every penny.


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