Brush Lesson

Since posting on the M.A.C brush the other day, I’ve had questions from confused women who really don’t understand what brush to use when. There are just a few simple rules to remember that will guarantee you’ll be reaching for the right brush every time.


The denser the bristles, the heavier the application: I use this one daily with a color that matches my skin for an all over base coat pre-shadow. Since the bristles are dense, they will grab more color and lay it down on the face in a more concentrated way.


Less dense bristles can blend away mistakes: These brushes are best known as crease brushes, used for laying down darker shades to accentuate the crease or fold in the eye. Since this isn’t as widely practiced anymore, and really not appropriate for every eye, these brushes are great to blend mistakes caused by a too-heavy handed application. If you’re in a situation where your shadow appears too dark, just swipe this brush over the eye to dust away some of the color. This will also help to distribute darker colors more lightly since the bristles aren’t dense and will give more of a color-washed look.


Taklon for wet products: Taklon is that synthetic, usually orangey color that is used by painters to apply paint to canvas. Same principles apply here, concealers and foundations along with eye liners and shadows that aren’t powder or are powder but are being applied wet will all benefit from a taklon brushes. Find a brush you like at the department store, then head over to Michael’s to buy it for a fraction of the cost.

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