Why Use Retinoids?

The anti aging and acne treatment market is worth billions every year and it includes countless products, but what if one product can help with either or both? Retinoids have been around for years, they’re creams and gels containing a concentrated form of vitamin a that help to speed cellular turnover bringing new cells to the surface and thereby keeping the skin’s surface looking young and fresh.

The FDA has approved it for years in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, splotchy skin and sun spots. Some studies also suggest that retinoids can even help reduce the incidence of skin cancer by normalizing the skin cell cycle.

There are many names retinoids fall under, Retin A, Differin, Avita, Renova and the list goes on. I personally use Tretinoin which is the generic form since insurance companies often times don’t cover the full amount of the prescription and it works just as well.

See your doctor (which is obviously not me) about a prescription that’s right for your skin as well as the possible side effects like peeling and sun sensitivity as well as not using it while you are pregnant or breast feeding. From my experience though, and from all that I’ve studied, this is a great preventative treatment for aging skin that you can start as early as your mid 20′s to keep you skin looking youthful and line-free for years to come.

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