CARGO The Reverse Lip LIner


By now, many color lines have a version of The Reverse Lip Liner but I still love this one the most. Pictured left is the basic way to use the pencil, it really makes the lip look finished and keeps the lip color in place longer. I also like to use it to fill in the entire lip and then add just a hint of light peach or pink gloss for a faint nude lip.

Other uses include;

- Rimming the lower lash line to make eyes look awake without using white which can tend to look overdone.
- Faking an arch on neglected brows by drawing over the hairs making the desired shape, blending it into your eyelid.
- Lightening brows without bleaching them by using a few strokes over the brows and blending the color in.
- Using on blemishes or splotches, the consistency really stays in place.
- Preventing fall out from mascara beneath the lower lash line by drawing it where you would normally put liner, or below your liner line.

The blendability factor makes an additional step worth it since it only takes a second to apply and blending it with your fingers is ideal.

CARGO The Reverse Lipliner

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