Organic and Mineral Lipstick

You are what you eat, so apparently millions of us women are lead. Several studies are stating now that varying amounts of lead are in our lipsticks, both drugstore and high end lines, at a whopping half of all lipsticks produced. The FDA actually has an approved amount of lead that’s ok to put in lipsticks for use.

Googling ‘lead in lipsticks’ brings up dozens of news reports and one off the wall report that says an internet rumor about lead in lipstick being ‘detected with a gold ring’ is false, but goes on to site reports that confirm lead in lipsticks is in fact true. So what to do. The mineral and organics lines are a great place to cut down lead exposure and many chemicals common to lipsticks that are directly ingested and easily absorbed. Check out the link below to see how your lipstick stacks up.

Lead in Lipstick Report

Check How Safe your Lipstick is

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