Best Eye Shadow Colors

Just yesterday I had a lesson with a very sweet woman with very typical questions, what eyeshadows do I wear? What colors look best on me? She had several palettes, one marketed for specific eye colors and a few she bought just because, which I think a lot of us do.

There are a few basic shades that every woman should have.


Having a shadow that matches your skin tone is essential for a few reasons, first it’s perfect for pressing it on your bare lids to even your coloring out and give the shadow something to really cling to making sure it doesn’t crease and wears all day. Second, it’s a perfect eraser for a too-heavy-handed application. Swipe a little on a brush to go over any mistakes or dark areas you can’t seem to blend, just get one a shade darker than you perceive your skin tone to be.

matte grey

Since you probably have a brown and a black for lining, try a matte grey. It’s appropriate for daytime since it’s less harsh than black and it’s also easier to blend. Use it smudged along the upper lash line with a light pink shadow for a beautiful flattering combo.


Stila’s Twig shadow is as ubiquitous as Kitten. It’s ideal for a going-out, smokey eye look that’s totally foolproof. I’ve never used this on someone where it didn’t look amazing, the color is universally flattering and uniquely beautiful. It isn’t as reddish as the photo shows, it’s more of a coppery maroon that isn’t flat but isn’t really shimmery. It’s especially perfect since Stila is on and at Ulta.

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