LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser and Exfoliator


I don’t know if I ever fully understood LUSH, it always struck me as one of those fly-by-night stores in the mall where you mix your own bath salts and personalize the scent. Even when I interviewed with them years ago (yeah- I didn’t get it) I don’t know if I really understood who they were. Don’t let the whimsical packaging and names detract you from a line that’s dead serious about quality. Angels on Bare Skin contains only 10 ingredients, all are super fresh and get the job done without any parabens or other synthetics to get in the way.

Due to the true freshness, the shelf life of the products is about 3 months, but the size and price reflect the need to purchase more frequently without product wasted. Don’t believe me? Check out their site where 730 people gave this product a near perfect rating. The consistency is unique, just add water to it making a paste that washes away impurities and leaves behind really lush skin.

LUSH Angels on Bare Skin

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