La Licious Passionfruit Lime Sugar Souffle’ Scrub


On a recent trip to Laguna Beach, I stumbled upon a fun little shop called
Bubbles of Laguna, home to a unique array of bath and body products with brands I hadn’t heard of like La Licious. I’m a sucker for sugar scrubs but am often disappointed by the consistency and ingredients. The often times oil-packed products that break down and fall everywhere in the shower isn’t at all what this scrub is all about.

The pure cane sugar sweetly absorbs the coconut, almond, soybean and vitamin e oils into a mash similar to sand that has absorbed water on the beach making it easy to smooth on and stay on until you wash it away. The oil it leaves behind is so soft that you can shave right over it skipping the usual shaving cream and definitely skipping the lotion post shower- you won’t need it. And the scent?! The mixture of passionfruit with lime is so refreshing and addicting that I love the way it lingers into the bedroom hours after the shower.

La Licious Passionfruit Lime Sugar Souffle’ Scrub

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