How to Find a Wedding Makeup Artist

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It’s always a big deal for me whenever I’m able to help someone look beautiful for a special event, photos or their wedding. There are so many people out there who have the ability to do makeup but I hear horror stories all the time about women not at all getting what they wanted. Below are some tips to make sure you find the right artist for your special day.

– Look for someone whose personal style matches yours: I’m always amazed when a 55 year old woman chooses the 19 year old with hot pink eye shadow on to apply makeup on her and then she’s surprised when things go terribly wrong. Are the exceptions to this? Sure, but someone who does something you like to their own face all the time is going to be more likely to do the same thing to yours.

– Ask questions: So little of what I do is about the actual application itself. People come to me many times who have never had a professional makeup application and they have a lot of questions. I make sure I’ve answered every question they have so I have a good idea of what they’re looking for by the time I even get started. If they seemed miffed about the questions- move on, cutting your questions short means they aren’t taking you seriously and this can only mean trouble in the end.

– Always have a trial run: There’s this story I remember from years ago from this woman who booked an artist for her wedding and she showed up on the day with a little bag full half used drugstore lines and 4 dirty brushes. I ALWAYS have a run-through for my brides, make sure she’s 100% happy with the end result and write down everything I’ve used in order to duplicate it for the wedding. Could I just show up and do a great job without a run through, of course, but on this day it’s all about her comfort and having one less thing to worry about.

– Speak up: In the end, it’s your face. Sometimes people I see just love the same colors they’ve used since high school and they aren’t willing to try something new- so that’s what I use. A good artist will suggest what they think, listen to what you want and find something in the middle. It’s always a dance between what I know works for photography and what she feels the best wearing. Don’t let someone bully you into thinking what you like is wrong because feeling confident never is.

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