Earth Day Extravaganza!

For Earth week, I’ll feature beauty products that are free of all the nasty things we’re trying to use less of. In the meantime, here are a few Earth-friendly products I use every day that are as efficient as they are green.


Boasting only 12 plant based ingredients, Ecover preserves your colors as well as your skin.


This was probably the hardest find for me on my quest for protection sans aluminum chlorohydrate, I used so many brands that just didn’t cut it. So here’s the thing, there is no such thing as a ‘natural antiperspirant’ since they’re comprised of a chemical that clogs your sweat glands. Nature’s Gate Deodorant Stick is simply a deodorant meant to keep that bacteria away that is the actual cause of the odor. At first I found that I did sweat a little more, but my body quickly regulated itself and now I stay dry all day long.


Getting used to a natural toothpaste is a little tricky, they taste so blah at first. Try it for a week and then go back to whatever you were using and it tastes so sickeningly sweet that you won’t return. Surprisingly, toothpaste has some of the nastiest stuff in it that you wouldn’t believe. I’ve tried most of the Tom’s line, but I really like the Whole Care Gel in Spearmint the best.


Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural Fabric Softener gets its softening power from canola. Another bonus for those with sensitized skin that tends to be red and itchy, using this softener completely free of dyes, fragrances and petroleum might actually send rough skin packing.

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