There are two types of women; those who don’t like mineral makeup and those who do. The ones who don’t have yet to discover Mineralogie. The biggest complaints I hear by far about wearing mineral makeup is that the color selection is horrible and it’s too messy. Mineralogie pretty much clears up both of those objections.

Having 33 standard foundation colors is one thing, but they are the most wearable shades I’ve seen in a mineral collection to date. Still having trouble finding your perfect shade? No problem, just stop into a spa, medi-spa or salon in your area that sells Mineralogie and have one of their experts custom blend the perfect shade for you.

Other mineral lines should be looking at this lid construction shaking their heads at the ‘duh’ factor of having extra deep pans in the lids keeping the mess in the jar and not all over your counter. It’s recommended to poke only a few holes in the sticker which adheres to the shaker on the top of the jar allowing for only a small amount of product to be shaken through at one time eliminating all mess.

Combine these standout measures with having an SPF 26, the highest for a foundation in the industry, and you’ve found yourself a new love.


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