La Mer The Powder


La Mer is known for a lineup of products that are both luxurious and highly effective, producing miracles one jar at a time. The Powder uses airspun seaborne particles which are incredibly lightweight on the skin helping foundation last all day without the slightest hint of chalkiness.

Unique to The Powder is its luminosity, which is almost undetectable offering the appearance of beautifully awakened and fresh skin. I’ve used it for a few weeks now on every face I’ve seen and it’s rested perfectly on skins of varying ages and conditions. The Powder would be ideal if you are dry and tend to shy away from powder, have any fine lines or wrinkles that powder tends to settle into, simply don’t like the heaviness of a powder but would still like the benefit of long wearing foundation or would just enjoy a hint of life in your skin.

La Mer The Powder

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