CARGO Lip Gloss Quad


OK, so it’s not the gloss that fits nicely in your front pocket, but as far as getting your return on investment for lipgloss, CARGO’s Lip Gloss Quad is your guy. CARGO’s glosses are notorious for two things; large round tins and four glosses you’ll give equal playing time. It’s always the same story; you see the palette with shades you think you like, purchase it, and then use just one color while leaving the others virtually untouched. Not the case here.

All of CARGO’s Lip Gloss Quads contain complimentary colors with and without shimmer that are easy to wear alone or blend together. I own most of them and can attest to using them all equally. South Beach (shown) is probably the one I use the most. Use the lighter shades to mellow out darker lipsticks or blend them together and adjust the perfect nude lip for day and night.

CARGO Lip Gloss Quad in South Beach

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