Laura Mercier Eye Liner


Ever since my post on tight lining your eyes, I’ve been flooded with questions wanting to know the best product to use since it’s so specific to that area of the eye. Although any liner in any shade will do the trick, the product that was invented for this very thing is the Laura Mercier Eye Liner.

Navy, brown and black are the only shades in this long-wearing cake formula, and really all you need. This look isn’t just for special occasions, it’s ideal for those of us who want to look polished and really make our eyes pop without using a lot of shadow tricks or time. Just focus the color on the root of the underside of the upper lashes and you’ll see a huge difference in your eyes. Trust me, this technique looks tricky but really isn’t, use the Flat Eye Liner Brush for the easiest application possible.

Laura Mercier Eye Liner

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