Best Eye Shadow Palettes

Palettes used to be where cosmetic companies would discard their least popular shades in hopes of making them more desirable among a tapestry of colors. Eye shadow palettes today are big business whether you choose the colors to customize your own, or it comes complete with complementary shades, palettes seem to be springing up everywhere so let’s look at a few that I feel give you the most bang for your buck.


Dior’s 5-Colour Eyeshadow compacts have always been a favorite among the serious eye shadow connoisseur. These palettes have quickly become the focus of the shadow line for Dior because they wear well, come is beautiful shades, and have a silky smooth finish. (Pictured; Golds 569)


I remember a time when mineral lines weren’t thought to have the vast shade selections or staying power to hang with the cool kids of color. Jane Iredale proves that theory wrong with her Triple Eye Shadows. This delightfully smaller sized compact houses color combinations we can all use while remaining crease free in all weather. (Pictured; Khaki Craze)


Everything Cle De Peau is my latest obsession and their Eye Color Quads are no exception. These ultra luxurious shadows range in shade from shimmering jewel tones to matte neutrals and contain beneficial ingredients that soothe, moisturize and treat your lids with anti aging properties while remaining 100% crease free. (Pictured; 17)

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