Color Theory for Eye Shadow


Ever wonder how those drugstore eyeshadows packaged specifically for certain eye colors know which shades are best? They’re basing the shades on Color Theory, which for this purpose is using eye shadows that are the opposite color of your eyes on the wheel. Using the opposite colors against your eyes will really bring your eyes out. Now of course, this is just a guideline and not Bible, I’m a firm believer that anyone can wear any color if it’s applied correctly. This is simply an easy, foolproof guideline since women ask me all the time what shades would look best for their eyes.


For blue eyes, the color wheel opposite is orange tones; translate that into anything bronze, brown, and beige. Try the NARS Duo Eyeshadow Compact in Mediteranee.


Green and Hazel eyes look great in shades of pink, maroon, and plum like Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio in Panorama. Steer clear of plum and move more toward pinks if you have a lot of darkness around your eyes since the purplish hue can exaggerate dark circles.


Make brown eyes shine by adding a touch of blue, which has come a long way since the 80′s. Stila Eye Shadow Duo in Borealis has a beautiful almost weightless consistency that isn’t heavy on the eye. Make a color wash of the lighter shade from the lash line to the crease and line using the darker tone.

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