Austin Scarlett for Kenneth Pool at the Ritz Denver

What a cute couple we make..

Me Austin

Studio JK Ritz 4

Recenlty I was asked to be the makeup artist for the Ritz-Carlton’s Down the Aisle event featuring Austin Scarlett’s breathtaking collection of wedding gowns for Kenneth Pool.

Of course Project Runway fans all know Austin as a unique and whimsical designer whose collections are based in an elegance far beyond his tender years. What you don’t know that I can personally attest to, is his genuine grace to everyone he encountered throughout the day and a sense of serene calm not often seen with a 12 hour day of frenzied preparation for the show.

He also shared with me a great personal beauty tip on how he has the most incredible lashes I’ve seen in a very long time. He takes a small spoon and holds the side of it against his thumb, with his lash in the middle and pulls the hair through curling it the way you would using scissors to curl ribbon. It’s more precision, and the result is perfect looking lashes that keep the curl for hours longer than any lash curler could provide.

He’s currently traveling through the US with his wedding collection, stop by and see him (and the gowns of course) when he comes to your area.

Thanks to Studio JK for the beautiful (as always) photos

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