Even after receiving the package, it took me a while to get excited about trying Microdermx because ‘at home microdermabrasion’ has just been done to death. The online before and after gallery piqued my interest enough to give it a chance, half-heartedly expecting the same ol same ol.

In the first use, I could tell a major difference in my skin’s overall appearance, it was brighter and clearer. After the second use, I could see fine lines around my eyes lessening and less redness and dulness. Now I notice old scars are on their way out too.

Free of waxes, dyes, fillers, petro-chemicals, and preservatives, Microdermx can really spread its wings and do what most products claiming to be professional grade treatments are supposed to do. The overall process is unlike others; you use (literally) a pea-sized amount to each quadrant of the face and one area at a time rub until the product is absorbed and attaches itself to the dead skin and falls away.

Medical grade crystals achieve a delicae balance of completely removing debris, while maintaining the overall integrity of the skin, which is why all skin types are encouraged to use it, even very sensitive.

I’ve promoted it from guest star to series regular, and am looking forward to seeing what else it uncovers.


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