Ben Nye Lumiere Grand Colour Eye Shadows

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Typically, when you hear ‘clown makeup’ it’s an insult, but not at Ben Nye where they actually have a line of makeup specifically for clowns. For the past 40 years, Ben Nye has been a true innovator in theater and character makeup designing characters from makeup on classics like; Gone With the Wind, The King and I, and Planet of the Apes. Only naturally would he design a line to meet his specific needs, and the company continues to be a leader in film and theatre makeup to this day.

Recently, I headed down to Norcostco, a national theater supply store, to see Ben Nye for myself. M.A.C on crack is how I’d describe the line, which now ranges from everyday foundations and shadows, to glittery fantasy makeup, and just about anything in between. Over the next hour I would find unique treasures that I’d never experienced at the most amazing prices, (I’ll review the rest over the next week or so). But for today, we’ll talk shadows.

If you’re a true makeup lover longing for velvety, colorful, easy to blend shadows that are really inexpensive, then you MUST check these out. For around $7 a piece, these generously sized shadows, which come in loose or pressed, will blow you away with their richness and wearability. You’ll find gorgeous everyday colors and those that are rare and super bold.

Ben Nye is available through atalogue ordering, or also at Norcostco and many other theater and costume stores nationwide. Click below to order a free catalogue (it’s so fun i’ve looked through mine probably 10 times), also see if there is a Norcostco near you to see the genus for yourself.


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