Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

Sometimes it’s the most simple things that make me so happy. Take Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt for example, what appears to be a cloth mitt your hand slips into, is really a microfiber miracle that removes all traces of dirt and makeup without the use of cleanser. Just run it under warm water and wipe everything away.

Along with not needing a cleanser and saving time, sensitive skin can benefit by maintaining the integrity of an in-tact barrier, dry skin will feel clean but not stripped, and oily or troubled skin will feel completely cleansed without the use of harsh cleansers.

I use mine in the morning when a cleanser isn’t really needed since I always wash my face at night, but if you’re one of those girls who isn’t as faithful to a nightly cleansing ritual, maybe this is just the cure.

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

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