Johnson’s How Do You Melt Away Your Stress Give Away

Chamomile, lavender, and a softness that feels like a soothing wrap around your body, make a winning combination for Johnson’s new Melt Away Stress Line which includes a Body Lotion, 24 Hour Moisturizing Wash, Massaging Moisturizer and a Dreamy Night Cream.

The scent is absolutely addicting and the 24 Hour Moisturizing Wash not only kept my legs silky until my next shower, but also doubled to make a decadent bubble bath with tons of relaxing, foamy bubbles. Their exclusive Aromasoothe fragrance calms the senses and leaves just enough behind on your skin so you feel soothed and relaxed for hours.

So here’s the question…

How do you melt away your stress??

Just leave your answer under ‘comments’ just below this post and I’ll choose the 5 best and/or most unique. Leave as many answers as you’d like and check back in one week (August 5th) to see if your answer is chosen. No personal information is required, just a name (some people are having difficulty leaving comments, just log in as Anonymous and put your name at the bottom). Valid in USA only.

Good Luck!!

Johnson’s Melt Away Stress Line

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