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Recently, I was able to attend a training for Bobbi Brown with their premier Education Executive, Katrina Rau. She has worked with Bobbi Brown herself throughout her years with the company, and really has some great tips she was kind enough to share with me, so I could pass them along to you.

First, check out Bobbi’s 10 Step Guide (it’s under Looks and Tips, then scroll through below the photo at the top of the page). Bobbi uniquely starts the entire makeup process with eye concealer, which adds instant brightness to the face so you can correctly gauge how much shadow etc. you might need. I’m finding I actually use less eye makeup once I can see how fresh and awake my eyes look already.

Katrina also suggests mixing a small amount of foundation between your fingertips, then pressing the color into the face using just fingers, starting at the center of the face and working outward. Use a dry foundation brush to buff the color into the skin. You’ll use less foundation and it will look much more natural than using a sponge or fingers alone.

Applying eyeliner has got to be one of the trickiest techniques for women, but the benefits of longer looking lashes and wide open eyes make mastering it essential. Katrina encourages women to look down into a mirror slightly so their eyes can be open while applying the liner. So few women can close one eye really still, and it’s better to be able to see what you’re creating as you make the line.

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