Breakthrough In Beauty

Chances are, if you’re reading this you’re a beauty junkie who loves new, improved, better formulations and products to make us feel and look beautiful. Maybe you’ve even thought of a few products you’d like to see out in the marketplace that you feel are missing. Or perhaps you have a color or skin care line you’ve developed, but you just need a little help taking it to the next level.

Now thanks to Breakthrough in Beauty, we can all be on the front lines of the beauty industry by submitting your beauty concept or line to be professionally devloped. Just submit your original concept and you’ll not only receive invaluable input from a panel of beauty experts, but you will also be in the running to be chosen for a multi-million dollar campaign just for your product. The previous winner is already enjoying the final stages of preparation before they launch their line, so the next big thing in beauty just may be you!

Breakthrough In Beauty

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