Shiseido Multi-Shade Enhancer

A little bronzy glow is great, but having an all out orange face is the risk you run when applying powder bronzer. Bronzing novices can benefit from a blended palette like Shiseido’s Multi-Shade Enhancer featuring 5 coordinating shades of bronze.

Layering different tones together to make a more interesting look that doesn’t look flat on the face is something makeup artists do all the time, when you think a model is only wearing 2 shadows, she probably has on 5. The same theory applies here when the blend of shades give lift and life to the bronze allowing some tones to directly blend into the skin, some to differ slightly, and some to stand out giving the most contrast. Of course you can’t directly decipher this on the face, it just looks vibrant and natural. I find this look for bronzers to be the most wearable, especially since this particular one doesn’t have the white shade included like so many do which can add chalkiness and work against the overall color.

Shiseido Multi-Shade Enhancer

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