Frownies have been delivering Botox results without the risks and cost since 1889, when a mom noticed her daughter was developing frown lines from facial expressions. The pads, (which essentially act as a form of tape), keep your face locked into a neutral state which doesn’t allow for expression while they’re on making the muscles relax the same way Botox would. You can affix the pads to your forehead, crows feet and mouth area nightly or as often as you’d like.

I actually bought Frownies years ago before my 3 year stint with Botox (we’ll discuss that later), and I found the solution so simple and effective. I wore them around the house for small increments of time as well as overnight, and did see results after about a week. When you’re wearing the pads, you can feel how your face moves which helps you to tone down the expressions causing the wrinkling of the skin, while still keeping the natural ability to emote. $20 gets you 144 pads which will last a long time- 4 months or more depending on usage.


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