Awake and Vincent Longo 75% off Sale at Bath and Body Works

Vincent Longo Sun Moon Stars Trio Eyeshadow

Awake Stardom Lip Laquer

Check out your local Bath and Body works, chances are you’ll find Vincent Longo and Awake 75% off. Vincent Longo’s Trio Shadows come in a big variety of shades and are highly pigmented, I grabbed up a few for around $5.

Awake is an amazing Japanese skin care and beauty line that I’ve been a fan of for years. I picked up a few Deep Purity Clay Washes and 3 shades of their non-tacky, super moisturizing gloss. Point Makeup Remover is also another good basic to grab, a milky, non-irritating eye and lip makeup remover.

Out of 14 items I bought, not one cost more than $8, with about half being skin care. Get what you need, then stash a few away for holiday or emergency birthday gifts.

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