Stila Hydriating Primer SPF 15 and Hydrating Finishing Powder

Stila has always been a pioneering line. They understood very early the concept of having fun with makeup, not taking it too seriously, while still churning out products to be loved and imitated for years to come- like this gloss packaging which has turned up in virually every drugstore line since its birth at Stila. And like any pioneering line, you need to know what you’re missing and fill in the blanks accordingly.

Stila found their nitch early by perfecting a lightweight and universally flattering line of illuminating foundations, so creating a few friends to get the most out of those foundations was a good call. The Hydrating Primer stands apart from the pack with its SPF 15, and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, which is time released to keep skin looking fresh all day.

The anti-oxidant packed Hydrating Finishing Powder may sound like an oxymoron, but it manages to both absorb oil while keeping the skin at an ideal hydration level so it doesn’t appear chalky.

Stila’s Complexion Perfection

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