Most Overrated Products

I’m constantly asked to list products that I don’t like since I only write up what I’ve found to be the most effective, so in the spirit of not wasting money- here you go.

Lancome Definicils has been a best seller for years, but I found it to be puny and formula too thin, there was nothing lengthening or thickening about it. It’s meant to separate lashes and was formulated years ago when that was the look- now women want thick lashes and have tons more options. After many years, Lancome felt a change was needed, so they implemented a brush like LashExact. Might as well go for the Cover Girl since it’s the same brush and about $18 less.

Put me in a mall and I’ll pick out the girls wearing M.A.C Studio Fix foundation. I say girls because all young girls love to try this full coverage foundation to hide breakouts, but they usually outgrow it in a year or so due to a few huge problems. It’s incredibly matte. Like super matte. Like a powdery corpse bride. The formula, combined with a heavy handed application cover skin to where its natural luminosity can’t shine through and the transition from face to neck is beyond obvious. Personally, I was tired of looking like a mime in pictures due to the talc, but breaking out is the most common complaint I hear.

I’m convinced the only reason people still use Dramatically Different from Clinique is becuase they used it when they were younger. If you really took a look at what was in there, I think you might make a different choice. Mineral oil is the main ingredient, which is liquid petroleum (think Vaseline), there’s also a few parabens, propylene glycol, and sesame oil. There isn’t anything dramatic about it, it’s actually incredibly basic and outdated because the formulation, (other than removing lanolin in 2006), has never changed. If you’re over 25, you’ve outgrown this moisturizer anyway. You don’t have to leave Clinique to find some great moisturizers using the latest in skin technology, this just isn’t one of them.


  1. Jewelry Style Beauty says:

    I was gonna say the only reason people still used the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer is because it always comes in their gift with purchase…. I never liked it, even when I worked for Clinique!

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