Bobbi Brown Corrector/ Concealer

Dark under eye circles can take the focus completely away from georgous eyes and quickly become the focus of the face. Although they are annoying, it really isn’t the difficult to cover them with the right products.

Bobbi has the best system for covering dark circles since she uses color theory to first disguise the darkness using a correcting concealer. Each shade of Corrector is meant to cover either purplish, blueish, or brown based dark circles which is applied on the dark area of the eyes before the concealer.

Traditional concealers are yellow-based which covers redness, the mixture of a yellow concealer and dark circles wouldn’t disguise them, it actually gives a greenish or gray look. If you’re having problems covering darkness, this is probably why.

So that’s the first step- using the Corrector.

It’s a two step system because the Corrector is meant to cover the circles only, so it won’t match the rest of your skin. Now that the darkness is gone, you’ll apply the Concealer which is yellow based and designed to go over the Corrector and return the skin to its usual tone. the lightweight formula is meant to be layered over the corrector, as well as on blemishes and imperfections on the entire face.

So you’re first using the peachy- pinky Corrector to cancel out darkness.

Then you use the skin tone correct, yellow-based Concealer to even out the eye area. Use the powder on the bottom of the Concealer Kit to set it for the day and you’re done.

The total process takes just seconds in the morning and doesn’t feel like an added step, especially once you see what a big difference it makes.

Be sure to let a Bobbi associate help you to choose what shades work best for you since it is specific to both your circles and skin tone.

From this link, click on View Bobbi’s How-To Apply Concealer Video for the whole rundown.

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