Nude Skincare Cleansing Facial Oil

Nude Skincare stands at the forefront of technology striking a seemingly impossible balance between natural skincare and true results.. What else would you expect from Bono’s wife (Ali Hewson), and the co-founder of a natural grocer in the UK who sold to Whole Foods for around $40 million. With his celebrity muse by his side, and plenty of cash to find truly viable alternatives to chemicals we could all do without, Nude was created, and happy customers everywhere quickly launched this cult favorite into the mainstream.

I admire their restraint in keeping their product line concise. Removing irritants and chemicals make most products available to most skins, so the main variant depends mostly on moisture.

Take their Nude Cleansing Facial Oil for instance, it’s great for all skin types (I’m more combo and love it). Only 8 ingredients (soy and olive oils with vitamin e and soothing essential oils) marry into a rich oil you apply without water first, then adding a little water for the cleanser to morph into a milky consistency that removes all traces of makeup and dirt.

I’m finding that no matter what cleanser I’m using, I always begin with this one so my skin feels (and looks..) really soft.

Also noteworthy is their Advanced Smoothing Complex. It’s universally beneficial to all women looking to firm and protect their skin with naturally occurring peptides, antioxidants, and probiotics.


  1. Beautiful skincare!!!!!

  2. I have a body scrub- it comes in a little jar and I love it. It’s concentrated and you only need a little bit of it. It smeels sooooo good.

  3. I have this and love the smell! It’s worth the $ too, it lasts forever.

  4. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Yes! (I almost wrote that actually)

    The result is so pretty with the brush, it buffs the moisture in!

  5. Can this be used with the clarisonic skincare brush?

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