Beauty Books

Whether it’s a gift, or for yourself, there are a few beauty books that contain timeless information that will inspire and simplify your daily routine.

In Bobbi Brown’s book Living Beauty, you’ll find colorful photos and step by step guides to every type of makeup application imaginable. She also touches on when to use chemical peels, laser treatments, and prescription creams. The before and after photos of various women are obviously not re-touched making the techniques stand on their own. There’s a ton of practical information, and the layout invites you to just flip around and find what you need.

Making Faces is still the Beauty Bible 11 years later with its huge, gorgeous photography, and numerous stars who were transformed by pioneering makeup artist, the late Kevyn Aucoin. More a coffee table book than how-to, although step by step instructions are always included next to each photo highlighting a specific technique used for each model. Anyone who loves makeup will enjoy flipping through this book over and again as I have in the time I’ve owned it.


  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    He was such a genus. Haven’t tried his line though.

  2. Don’t forget Aucoin’s Face Foward. I think that’s Part 2 of the set!

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