Aveda eye-lip color 5/kava

Aveda’s eye-lip color in 5/kava is a star example of a perfectly balanced nude lip liner that goes with everything. Women often wear lip liners that are too dark for them, so when your lipstick naturally fades all that remains is a dark obvious line which is never good.

Having a lip liner that is just a hint darker than your lips is a foolproof way of getting lip color right since its purpose is just to keep your lip color in bounds and reinforce the shape of your mouth. Lip liners aren’t supposed to be noticed.

This shade in particular gets the nude exactly right, it doesn’t turn orangey and works with both brownish and pinkish lip colors. Line your lips and fill in the corners about a third of the way in, then add a light pinky gloss over top for a sexy centerfold nude lip. If you’re looking for a hint of long lasting color without the fuss, fill lips in completely with the liner and just use a lip balm over top.

Aveda eye-lip color 5/kava

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