Clairol Shine Happy

It’s pretty clear that right now women aren’t spending money on the extras like they have before. Waiting a little bit longer in between color is one way to save money, but your hair shouldn’t have to pay the price.

I’ve loved Clairol’s Shine Happy since the moment it came out- just the concept of a salon quality glazing treatment for a fraction of the cost is genius. Shine Happy is applied to the hair the same way an at-home box color typically is, except it doesn’t deposit color to the hair- only shine.

This clear gloss works much the same way a top coat does for your nails, it adds clear shine and luster making your hair look brighter and feel better so you can go weeks longer between colorings.

Shine Happy does contain hydrogen peroxide, which can (and is used in salons to) lighten the hair (a bonus for blondes.) Although my hair is light, I haven’t noticed a change in color when using it, and I always follow the instructions and leave it on for only 10 minutes.

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  1. flat iron says:

    Hope Shine Happy is good product. I wish to use it on my hair next time.


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