Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

Get that full, pouty lip feel without the full price with Sally Hansen’s Lip Inflation. The 4 shades are neutral so anyone can wear them, and the look is a light glossy glaze.

You’ll still experience the slight tingling from the ginger and cinnamon to help stimulate and create a slight plumping effect, but not to the extreme that some plumpers give where it can become downright uncomfortable.

Even if you’re not totally convinced that fuller lips are just around the corner, get it for the cinnamon and peppermint freshness that you’ll really enjoy.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Some swear by them, and some people are skeptical. I think different people react differently to these products. The stinging felt can give lips a plumper look with the cinnamon and other stimulants involved.

    I like little makeup tricks like lining just outside the lips natural line with a nude liner just a touch deeper than your lips. Use 2 shades of lipstick/ gloss with the darker on the corner of your mouth and the lighter on the inside giving the illusion of fuller lips.

    Even a touch of light gloss in the center of your lips will bring out your pout!

  2. Natalie Brown says:

    How does the Lip Inflater work? I have been skeptical about these sorts of products actual effectiveness. Do they really plump thin lips?

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