Sanitas Skincare Glycotoner 10%

I’ve been a long time fan of glycolic acid, the sugar cane derived member of the AHA family. Its uses are vast, assisting with everything from acne, to dry skin and wrinkles, even helping vitamins to penetrate deeper into the skin bringing about greater results.

Sanitas has been standing firm in their skincare beliefs for years now, with a few fundamentals- like making products that are incredibly active using biogenic (naturally found in the body) ingredients to stimulate and nourish the skin. Their complete line of results oriented super skincare has evolved over the years always incorporating the most modern technology, but their Glycotoner has remained a staple.

Most experts agree that a 10% glycolic solution is ideal, although Sanitas carries a 5% and a 15%, 10% is strong enough to see results without being irritating to most skins. Try the 5% if you’re new to glycolic and work your way up- especially if you tend to be sensitive. Just a little on a cotton pad after cleansing and you’ll feel a little tingling, which I’ve come to love (I can just feel it working.) If you’re really looking for a one-two punch, follow the toner up with their Peptiderm Moisturizing Cream containing huge concentrations of peptides to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles, increasing collagen, and improving skin circulation.

Sanitas Skincare

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