Bubble & Bee Organic Shower Gel

While still standing firm in my prior review of Bubble & Bee’s Pit Putty (it works so incredibly well) I couldn’t help noticing their Shower Gels. Though I don’t even use a shower gel, I was completely taken by the fact that theirs doesn’t contain water and is chuck full of skin nourishing, organic ingredients. So I’m anxiously awaiting my Squeezed Lime Organic Shower Gel any day now.

Only 7 ingredients make up this super concentrated gel, but the first few are the ones that interest me most- saponified organic oils of coconut, olive and jojoba. Saponification is a process where fats are turned into soap like in this case, but removing water altogether just makes for a thick, creamy, concentrated lather even in hard water. Your skin will notice the different for sure.

As long as you’re ordering, (or picking it up from Whole Foods), grab their Organic Root Beer Lip Balm that I can’t stop using. It’s scented and naturally flavored just like a root beer float. Pure heaven.

Bubble & Bee Organic Shower Gels

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