New Year’s Resolutions; Learn the Basics

Crawl, walk, run.

Learning the fundamentals of makeup technique and application is so important before you can get into some of the more advanced stuff. I recorded a tutorial showing how best to apply eye liner (2 different ways), cream cheek color, and lasting lip color.

If you’re New Year’s Resolution was to look a little more polished, these tricks can get you looking your best in just minutes.

Any other techniques you’d like to see? Email me Carissa @

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    It is easy! If you’re having a problem with transferring of the eyeliner down to your bottom lash line, try it with the Laura Mercier product which was especially designed for this delicate area.

    The shade Bleu Marine is beautiful too!

  2. That was excellent! I am going to be trying that upper eye liner tomorrow. You made it look so easy!

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