New Year’s Resolutions; Save Money and Get Big Results using Shower Filters

Spending less money is probably a universal resolution, but as women, we still want what we want and we usually want it now.

What if there was something you could buy for around $20 that would instantly help give life to your hair, make your skin smooth, and you didn’t have to add any steps to your already bulging routine?? You’d probably get it just like I did.

Dr. Oz was on Oprah a while back recommending all women get a charcoal water filter to reduce the chlorine absorbed by your hair and skin. I got this one at Home Depot and could tell an immediate difference, my hair wasn’t tangled so it was easy to comb out and it stayed so shiny, my skin didn’t even need lotion it was so soft- all after just one shower.

If you’re looking for big beauty results with just a little cash- this one’s for you.

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